What makes the Ohio Summer Showcase different than other events?

The Ohio Summer Showcase is an affordable event where quality is prioritized. While there are a number of individual events to choose from – The Ohio Summer Showcase is rare for a number of reasons……

  • We do not charge admission for fans! While you may pay $5-$10 admission per person at other events – friends and family watch for free at the Ohio Summer Showcase.
  • Our event staff is unmatched. This year’s event will feature 16+ of the best HS coaches, former college coaches and skill trainers from Ohio and surrounding states. Many of these coaches have earned local and state coach of the year honors, while winning league, district, regional and state championships. While other events are understaffed to make more money, we believe in bringing in more/better coaches to provide a great experience for our participants.
  • Rarely do you find a showcase that combines exposure AND a skill-element. Our event staff leads skill stations focused on shooting, passing, ball-handling, post play, rebounding, guard play and defensive principals AND each player gets 3 full-court games. We always have a large number of college coaches in attendance at this event.
  • Grade level skill contests will be held in a separate gym, for all participants.
  • We have licensed officials for our games, so that games don’t turn into wars on the court.
  • Each player is fed a bagged lunch at the end of their session. We want to make sure that nobody goes home hungry after a physically exhausting day of hoops.
  • Participants compete in contests and full-court games against kids in their graduating class ONLY. This is a chance to truly prove your worth to coaches and evaluators.
  • Player of the Game awards will be given at the end of each full-court contest.
  • The Ohio Summer Showcase costs $80 per player – cheaper than all other events like this in Ohio.

If you have any other Ohio Summer Showcase related questions, please feel free to contact Tyler Bates.